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Failed in Finals: It’s OK

Before going further into details, firstly I would like to congratulate all those who cleared CA final Exams in May 2017 attempt, I wish everyone best of luck in their future endeavors and to all those who could not clear this time, Believe me it’s OK to fail in final as long as you are not losing hope to become a Chartered Accountant. You should feel no shame in admitting that you failed in CA finals. I failed four times before clearing final exams and I am doing OK in life, Professionally & Personally. Given my experience in failing final exams four times, I admit that each time I failed because of different reason but I never lost hope. In this article, I will tell you few tricks to overcome failure and clearing CA finals exams:

1. Analyze why you failed:

You can make whole lot of excuses for failing exams like blaming institute for moderation of marks or blaming teachers for not teaching you subject properly etc, but you cannot lie to yourself, you very well knew that “why you actually fail”. Instead of blaming the luck or institute, it’s time for you to be honest with yourself, analyze the reasons for your failures without blaming anyone or anything, write it down on paper. There can be variety of reasons for “Why you failed” like not preparing thoroughly or leaving so many topics in a particular subject or  got nervous before exams or wasn’t able to attempt paper completely or wasted more time on irrelevant topics etc. You must identify the reason and try to search for the ways for overcome the same.

2. SWOT analysis of subjects & understanding the body and mind:

Before starting preparations for final exams, one should do SWOT analysis of subjects for himself/herself. Few people are good at practical subjects while others are good at theoretical subject, so you must know your strengths and weakness before starting preparations; also you must identify subjects in which you have to put special efforts to clear the exams. Also you should understand your body & mind to identify when your mind is at its receptive best, it may be early morning or late night or in afternoon, so that you can study difficult topic at such time to grasp them better.

3. Plan the preparations:

There is saying that, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”, while preparing for finals, it applies equally. You need to plan your preparations wisely. Before starting the preparations you should have an action plan explaining “How much time you are going to allot on particular subject or topic”, “when you are going to revise it”. Measure your progress regularly, by doing this you will feel confident about your preparations.

4. Avoid negative people:

You must avoid negative people or negative environment, it is very important for your mental health while preparing for exams. This world is full of people who want to remind you of failures, just avoid them. Don’t meet people who are failing continuously or keep on saying negative things about exams like “It’s impossible to pass” or “CA final is very tough” etc. Meet people who cleared exams easily or read toppers interviews on various websites or in institute journals. Change the city, if required. Make sure that environment around you must be positive and supportive.

5. Revise rigorously:

Many candidates fail because of not revising the subjects timely, even if you know the topic perfectly, you must revise it rigorously. Revising rigorously requires solving the problems in writing even you already know the complete solution. Many candidates do the mistake of solving practical problems orally, more often than not it back fires in the exams. Please solve practical problems using paper and pen. Also in theory subjects, many students just keep on reading the material instead of memorizing the key words and forming the sentences around that word. Reading without memorizing is of no help, at the end of the day you will remember nothing and the outcome of whole exercise becomes zero. At least three complete revisions are required to be confident in a particular subject. You should plan your preparations in such a way that there is enough time to revise the important topics three to four times.

6. Don’t forget to solve mock test RTPs:

Many students don’t even try to solve mock test papers and RTPs. Mock Test Papers help you to understand the exam pattern whereas RTPs give you confidence that you have prepared thoroughly. I request every final student to solve Mock test papers & RTPs at least twice 15 days before the exams. Don’t wait for the day before exams to solve the RTPs & Mock Test Papers.

7. Don’t get nervous an hour before exams:

Along with preparations, you must know “how to keep your head cool before exams”, many candidates suffer from exam phobia even after preparing well and it is one of main reason for bad performance in the exams. We get nervous because we are afraid of results before attempting the papers.  If you know that you are definitely going to pass, you will not worry at all, so in order to overcome this nervousness; you should keep on saying that, “irrespective of difficulty of the question paper, I am going to pass, I prepared thoroughly, I did my best and I am going to excel in exam today”.  This will help every student who is actually willing to overcome nervousness.

8. It’s Important to take proper sleep between exams:

 In my second attempt, I failed because I had not taken adequate sleep before the exams and my brain got struck while solving the paper. It happened with many people I know, due to lack of sleep before the exams, they messed up. So please take proper sleep before exams.

Wish you all the 

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