CMA Test Series

CMA Test Series

CMA Test Series

CMA Test Series – Prepare for Your CMA Exam

CMA Test Series

About Our CMA Test Series

This whole schedule is prepared in such a way that you can complete your syllabus from scratch with less stress, like study 3-4 chapters and give test related to that portion. Test dates will be your daily targets for study only.

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1. CMA Inter Single Group

2. CMA Inter Both Groups

3. CMA Final Single Group

4. CMA Final Both Groups

5. CMA Foundation

Features of Our Test Series

  • Each Subject there will be overall 5 Tests4 chapter wise tests i.e. of 30 marks and1 Full syllabus test i.e. of 100 marks.
  • Dates of Schedule you can customise as per your comfort because you will get all papers access together .
  • Detailed evaluation within 48 hours by qualified experts
  • Process- papers will be shared to you via mail and same way answer to be cam scanned and to be mailed on Within 2 working days you’ll get detailed evaluation in your mail. Evaluation by qualified CA only.

Click here for CA Test Series because you are a CA Student 🙂

Contact Us

For inquiries or to get started with our CMA test series, reach out to us via whatsapp at 8005601309 (Redirection icon is also given on screen)

Frequently Asked Questions for CMA Test Series

1. Can we write CMA Tests as per our own timing ?

Yes you will receive all papers at once so that you can write any test any time.

2. How will be the detailed evaluation for Test Series ?

For detailed evaluation you just need to mail your answers pdf file to the same mail id where you got the access. Our qualified team will evaluate as well as provide your suggestions to improve within 48 hours.

3. Who will evaluate our Test Series answers ?

We have qualified Chartered Accountants Team for detailed evaluation as well as doubts resolutions of your CMA Test Series answers.

4. Can we raise our study doubts after enrolling in Test Series ?

Yes we are not only providing evaluations but also solving all your study doubts via mail.

5. Can we use this test series during our selfstudy ?

Yes this test series is formed not only to practice but also to assist you to complete your syllabus with a systematic study plan. Test 1 to Test 4 dates are actually your study targets only to achieve the daily study target whereas test 5 is for a complete quick revision.

6. Can we trust this Test Series to help us clear our CMA Exams?

Charteredteam is most trusted since 2020 to help CMA, CS as well as CA Students. Yes this will undoubtably help you a lot to clear your CMA exams with colourful marks because of a systematic schedule . We keep on interacting with all students over Instagram and our —> Reviews are beautifully narrating the at-most trust among all of the students 🙂

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