CMA Test Series

CMA Test Series

CMA Test Series

This CMA Test Series as well as Study Planner will be best suitable to clear your CMA Exams with colourful marks-

For Example let say CMA Exams are starting from tomorrow. We have 1 day gap between each subject during the tests.
In fact in that 1 day gap we actually need to complete whole subject revision and we actually do that with all our super energy. In order to maintain that level of preparation and speed we have formed out this schedule in form of CMA Test Series. 

Now come to our overall schedule

In like manner we have followed same kind of strategy.
Now  dates are targeted to each test to complete that portion till that day.
This way because of small tests and target approach we will be completing our syllabus effectively.

Short tests are designed to evaluate whether you’ll be able to write properly in your main exams or not and to boost your day to day confidence. 

For the purpose of completing the course in effective way with the targets (test dates), we have prepared this schedule. Papers are of course as per CMA Exams level only. All most important suggestions and writing skills guidance will be provided to you. You on one hand just need to check factual things in your answers and for that a separate suggested answers file we will provide. In case you need any remark on your sheet wherever you feel, you can same mail us in PDF file so that we will happily give you remarks. 

Each Subject there will be overall 5 Tests

4 chapter wise tests i.e. of 30 marks and 

1 Full syllabus test i.e. of 100 marks. 

Dates of Schedule you can customise as per your comfort because you will get all papers access together .

At last all the best 

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