CA Test Series

CA Test series for Nov 23 Exams

Each Subjects 5 Tests
4 chapter wise tests of 30 marks each
1 Full syllabus Test of 100 Marks each

How will this CA Test Series help you to clear the exams ?

Let say CA Exams starting from tomorrow. 

We have 1 day gap between each subject. 

In that 1 day gap we get actually some extra ordinary power to revise whole subject in a single day 

Now come to our unquestionably CA Test Series schedule 

Followed same kind of strategy but divided that subject into 4 parts with 4 tests. 

now  dates are targeted to each test to complete that portion till that day. 

This way with small tests and target approach we will be undoubtedly completing our syllabus effectively. 

This strategy is not new we have already implemented it since 2020 and got tremendous results till date.   

Obviously this test series is updated with the changes. 

at last Good luck. 

Click below to enrol in CA Test Series for Nov 23

CA Foundation

Inter Single Group

Inter Both Groups 

CA Final Single Group

CA Final Both Groups

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1. Can we give Test anytime ?

Answer: Yes we will provide you all papers access same time in your mail id. You can this way anytime access the test and give it till your main exams.

2. How can we use this CA Test Series as a study plan?

Answer: It is surprisingly prepared to use it as your daily study planner. Test dates thus are actually your daily study targets only to finish the syllabus with dead lines.

3. Can we raise study doubts ?

Answer: Yes you can mail us any study doubt. We will solve it in due time.

4. Can we send our answer sheet for feedbacks ?

Answer: Yes you need to mail your answer sheet in pdf file for detailed evalution by qualified Chartered Accountants.

Click here to see sample sheet.

5 Which is best CA test series for CA?

Answer: Charteredteam Test Series is considered as a best test Series in the form of Study Plan. This Test Series aim on completing the syllabus effectively and boosting the confidence same time. It has covered ICAI level questions and provides flexibility when compared to other leading Test Series providers. In this one-of-a-kind Test Series, you receive the personal mentorship at a no cost.

6 Is Charteredteam test series good?

Answer: CharteredTeam Test Series is one of the leading providers of CA exam preparation, as results published on Nov/Dec 2022 Exams: they helped 78% of those taking its test series pass CA exams.

7 How can I clear my CA exam?

Answer: To get certified for CA Exams you should follow a consistent study schedule which is available in the form of test dates. The test dates should be seen as your daily targets of study – concentrating on reviewing that day’s material. This can help you improve your speed, become more adept at spotting mistakes and correcting them, and revising faster.

8 Finally where can we see the past feedbacks and reviews of CA students? 

Answer: We keep updating reviews and feedbacks on story highlights of our Instagram page (100 K Plus followers )

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  1. Can I have the perfect timetable to clear ca foundation 2023

  2. Want to clear ca intermediate both groups in november 23. Please provide me with strategy to do so.

    1. Go for CA inter both groups test series.
      Test dates will be actually your daily targets for study.

      All papers u’ll get together via mail. So you can access any paper as per your comfort schedule dates.
      join from above link. All the best. 🙂

  3. I wanted to study CA after 12 std, but i can’t stop thinking about how can i do it.
    I can Or not plz help me

  4. Is there any platform to submit test?

  5. Can we get similar questions in our exams by your test series…for CA foundation dec 2023

  6. From when the new syllabus came into existence either from may 24 or nov 24

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