CA Inter Income Tax

CA Inter Income Tax

CA Inter Income Tax

CA Inter Income Tax 41 hours detailed Revision class. Complete it in just 5 days giving 8 hours daily.

Whole ICAI Module Solved in class with Concepts
In 41 hours , More than 200 amended Questions

Pratice Cum Revision

🎓 Learn how to face Ques in Exams & Save Your Ques Reading time

☑️ Special Features

🔥 Fully Amended CA Inter Income tax Classes
👨‍💻 Download Video and Watch Offline.
🎯 100% Imp Concepts
✍ 100% Practice Of ICAI Module’s Questions
👉 200+ Questions of ICAI Module Practice With Concepts
⏰ Duration : 41 Hours (Approx)
📱 Can be Played at Tablet, Mobile & laptop
👀 Unlimited Views for mobile
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1. At First Divide the subject into sub-topics and allocate time to each sub-topic. 

2. Pay attention to peripheral topics as well 

3. Don’t forget to learn provisions because along with treatments, you must also write relevant provisions to score good marks. Unfortunately, many students lack this point. 

4. While doing the direct tax preparation, solve a few questions immediately after reading a particular topic to improve retention. 

5. After practising problems pertaining to different heads, attempting multiple problems related to total income will help you gain confidence in the overall application of theory in Taxation. 

6. Any new amendments must be read and noted properly. 

7. Don’t forget to write notes after solving practical sums.

8. Although writing section numbers gives an edge over other students, more than 90% of students do not write section numbers, so no need to worry about it if you cannot write section numbers but never write them wrong. 

 9. In Taxation Writing, the correct answer is not sufficient to gain marks in CA papers. Besides writing the correct answer, you have to present it properly. The answer must be given in a sequence as demanded by ICAI, and you should also support your answer with provision, section, or case law if possible. At last, end your answer with the appropriate working notes. 

10. Keep in mind that Working Notes carry marks. Always mention brief working notes/assumptions. It’s better to mention working notes separately under the heading Working Notes. Don’t include Working Notes in the Main Answer

11. In the heading of the calculation, must mention the relevant assessment year and name of the assesses. 

12. Always mention Heads of Income properly in full-fledged questions. 

13. Make a habit of attempting mocks in black ink only as for exam only the same is permitted. 

14. Avoid too much cutting in your answers. 

15. At last never ignore the theory portion.

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At last all the best 🙂

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