Juggling CA Inter/ Final, articleship and college together – because who needs free time or sleep when you can have stress and caffeine instead?

This part of the CA course is – the toughest…but is also all about multi-tasking. The general schedule of a CA Article begins early in the morning classes, followed by a hectic day at office, succeeded with classes again or self-studying. Oh yes, it’s a lot at once on the plate. But when you will clear the CA final exams with flying colours you will experience this adrenaline rush i.e., feeling of euphoria. Because you didn’t know that you could do so much… but here you are…. Tired yet triumphant. 

To tackle this time-starving situation, below we have provided suggestions which may be beneficial for studying: 

1. Schedule creation

i. You must identify pockets of time throughout the day, such as early mornings, evenings, and weekends, to focus on your studies and incorporating it accordingly.

ii. The schedule for each CA Final student may differ. Generally, kick starting the day may be either CA Final classes or college. Both-ways, you start the day early and grasp information in the morning itself. 

iii. The knowledge session is then followed by office, a long day at office rather. Let’s talk about commute time. If traveling to the office is time-consuming and involves commute time, you may use this to your benefit for reading theory… Say auditing standards or SCMPE theory.

iv. Once you reach home, you have to ensure 2 major rules:

o Revising whatever was taught in the morning CA final classes

o Intense self-studying schedule till time persists (I’d suggest – 2 hours)

v. Although there is a lot to cover in a very less space of time, mental rest and sufficient sleep are drivers of a fresh mind. 

vi. Above is a rough schedule on the basis of assumptions. However, when you draft a schedule for yourself, it is essential to ensure that the schedule caters to three important requirements – basic revision of the CA final class, a small touch of self-studying to ensure small movements in the long race and sufficient rest and sleep.

vii. Be consistent with your study routine. Even dedicating a smaller amount of time daily to study will be beneficial over the long term.

viii. Having said that, we should also be capable to adapt and find alternative study opportunities when necessary.

Click here for self study day planner.

2. Set Priorities and boundaries

i. Most of us, since the post-covid era, have an increased screen time – owing to Instagram, FB, Twitter, YouTube, etc, etc, etc…. and the list goes on.

ii. This race of chartered accountancy that you have chosen to participate in, is a glorious one. We all pretty much know the good, the bad, etc. It is a matter of choosing priorities. You should prefer a 2-hour session on revision of direct tax on YouTube rather than the daily 2-hour meaningless scrolling.

iii. The fact of life is that – anything and everything, in excess – is always harmful. Studies: 1, Distractions: 0Let’s keep it that way, shall we?

iv. The same technology that is destroying our time can be used effectively too. Leverage technology for your studies. Use educational apps, online resources, and digital notes to make learning more efficient and accessible.

3. Utilise weekends and holidays

i. Time is really less – it is going to be evaporating faster than ice cream on a hot summer day. Thus, you have to make most of every opportunity you have.

ii. Every office holiday is the opportunity to prepare better. You have to be ahead of yourself and have pre-planned the entire weekend.

iii. Personally, I preferred doing the tough practical chapters that involved a lot if understanding and solving time – be it SCMPE or FR or SFM – whatever works the best according to the plan. 

iv. Other than the above, it is a good habit to review the entire week, your targets and the performance on a Sunday – so that you know what works for you. You may also do a quick revision in 2-3 hours of the entire week so that it is fresh and retained in your mind.

A Pro tip would be  While you study, create concise and effective notes summarizing key points and formulas. These notes will be beneficial for weekly quick revisions too. 

v. Remember – Practice, revision and review – go hand in hand on a Sunday.

4. Seek Support from Employers/Professors

There will always be sometimes, when not only the time is short but also the time is tough. When nothing else is working out for you, always remember to ASK. 

You can seek help and guidance from your teacher, seniors and employers. It is absolutely okay to get exhausted in the process. In such situations, you may please discuss and find solutions in the required problems. 

5. Arrange appropriately

Since we are managing the studying huge content along with the unavailability of time, we have to minimize the search or the finding time. Thus, one should stay organised and have the study materials and all the other studying requirements in place.

6. Quality over Quantity

Focus on the quality of your study hours rather than just the quantity. Ensure you concentrate fully on your studies during the allocated time and minimize distractions. Click here for detailed guidance on quality study tips.

7. Practice Past Papers and Mock Test

It is advised that one must regularly practice past papers and take mock tests to assess your progress and identify areas that need improvement. They also help you manage time during the actual exam. Click here for our updated Test Series to excel the preparation.

8. Health is Wealth 

Ensure that mental and physical health both are in place. Any kind of burnout will change and spoil the course of studying. So keep your health first.

Embracing studying while working signifies a proactive approach to personal growth and a dedication to excellence. The journey might be demanding, but the rewards – in terms of career advancement, personal fulfilment, and adaptability – are well worth the effort.

Last, but in no way the least, keep yourself first. You are your greatest cheerleader!

Always listen to yourself! Always remind yourself of what you can do!

Yes – it a lot to manage at once,

But never stop believing yourself,



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