SFM Chapter-wise weightage

SFM Chapter-wise weightage

SFM chapter-wise weightage

SFM Chapter-wise weightage

Nov 19 New syllabus SFM Chapter-wise weightage

Sr No
1.Financial Strategy4 Marks
2.Security analysis8 Marks
3.Security Valuation8 Marks
4.Mergers and Acquisition8 Marks
5.Mutual Funds10 Marks
6.Forex8 Marks
7.Futures22 Marks
8.Portfolio16 Marks
9.International Capital Budgeting12 Marks
10.Business Valuation8 Marks
11.Start up Finance8 Marks
12.Securitization4 Marks
13.Value at risk4 mark
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Question wise marks and comments

Question NoMarksChapterComments
1 – A8Mergers and AcquisitionA very basic Question with basic calculations
1 – B8Derivatives – FRArepeat the past paper question
1 – C4 Start up Finance –  TheoryA question from the text book
2 – A10 Mutual Fundsrepeat the past paper question
2 – B6 Derivatives – FuturesA question based on Cost of carry model. For me 6 marks are a bit high for this question.
2 – C4 Securitization – TheoryA question right from the text book
3 – A8 Derivatives – OptionA good Question – We need little bit of thinking on this question.
3 – B8 Security Analysisrepeat the past paper question
3 – C4 Start up – TheoryLast question on start up – again from text book.
4 – A8 Security ValuationStudents  will  have  to  work  it out with some common sense.
4 – B8 ForexSurprisingly forex was low on this paper and even this question is a repeat.
4 – C4 VARVery basic question.
5 – A8 PortfolioHave we not seen this question being repeated atleast 5 times in past. Stop it NOW.
5 – B8 International Capital BudgetingHappy to see the question where students will have to read it more than twice and will have to put thinking hat on. Every mark is worth. This should have been in Compulsory List.
5 – C4 Financial Strategy -TheoryRight from study material.
6 – A8 PortfolioSecond question from this chapter. We could have avoided this and put another question from forex instead.
6 – B8 Business valuationKnowledge of 2 stage model is needed and also some good reading for proper interpretation.
6 – C4 Securitization / International Capital Budgeting – TheoryFrom study Material

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