CA Final SFM 90 Marks

CA Final SFM 90 Marks

CA final SFM certified copy.

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Basic tips to score CA Final SFM (strategic financial management )

Since It is a practical subject so the practice is very important.

Practice does not mean to solve all sums orally just punching calculator buttons. You have to do enough writing practice so that in main exam you won’t stop thinking the next writing format process.

That happens normally we do stuck in between many times because of lack of writing practice.

In sfm subject no shortcut study allowed because if we see the past trend there is no fix format of questions. There may be 30 marks questions from a single topic say forex or there may be no question at all.

So the study should be 100 % of all the topics.

Now which book to study for CA final SFM subject ?

If you have taken classes then do well that class material. Notes understanding is must. After your class questions you need to solve the icai material questions because as per past trend, as it is questions from icai material are coming.

Any coaching is required for CA Final SFM subject?

Because it is a technical subject, coaching is must and best teacher I can refer Sanjay Saraf Sir.

How to present CA Final SFM Paper?

The presentation matters a lot in SFM because it is a money subject and decimals are even more important.

Many students just ignore after 2 decimals and do roundoff but you should write atleast upto 4 decimals.

Amount in rupee or any currency description is important.

Write down the conclusion line at the end of answers.

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