Articleship in Big 4 or Mid Size CA Firm

Articleship in big 4

Articleship in Big 4 or Mid Size CA Firm

Articleship in big 4 or mid size well the best answer to this selection is totally depends on you. Well you are here because you must have cleared single or both groups of CA Inter or completed your graduation.

So now Let’s understand how the choices may vary case to case to select a good firm.

There are many benefits to join articleship in big 4

Good Contacts

In Big 4 the circle will be of big corporates and smart people that will ofcourse lead you towards great height.

More Professional ethics

Articleship in big 4 has higher value of clients with more heavy value of transactions so the professional independence and ethics will be high.

Work Specialisation

In big 4 firms the ares of work is so vast that a single person has to be more responsible in the single field of work because of this leads to more work specialisation.

Good weightage in your CV

Yes the CV matters a lot if you go for a job interview. The work experience in big 4 will add cherry on the cake in your CV.

Demerits same way we can discuss as

Stress Management

In big 4 of-course the word load will be much higher and so the stress level. If you want a peaceful mind than big 4 may become a big challenge.

Study Leaves

In Big 4 the work commitments will be higher so the time management to handle selfstudy would be a challenging task.

limited exposure

Because in big 4 the working area is so vast that you won’t be able to get exposure of different different areas.

There are lot more benefits and exposure in a mid size firm

Let’s Understand the whole practical experience of All india Ranker

This video will make it easy to choose the firm more wisely. click below the image.

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Click here for May & Nov CA exam Test series cum study plan

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