How to invest & save at an early age

how to invest

How to invest & save at an early age

How to invest and save at an early age ?

How to invest is a simple question as investment needs money to utilise in such activities where it can grow more over the period of time.

Students , Are confused about how to start savings and where to invest ?

Yes this is the main confusion as many elders suggest not to enter into stock market because it is risky and most people loose money. But that is not the case. In stock market there are 2 terms : first Trading and 2nd investing. In trading the risk is way more higher and no such long run vision.

but in case of investment there are plenty of factors to consider and then make decision to invest in a particular company and that is not that risky after such analysis.

Is this the right age to start ?

The biggest investor in the world Warren buffet started investing at the age of 11. So there is no such age limit to start.

What are the basics of financial planning ? 

There should be some financial planning and vision to make it successful with your investment strategy.

To learn all these strategies we’ve come up with this video as below.

how to invest
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