Effective Study Notes techniques

Notes making techniques

Effective Study Notes techniques

Effective Study Notes are very useful in following ways :

Effective study notes help us to remember the subject matter.

In exam the recalling of answer becomes so easy that it saves our time to complete paper on time.

In main exam we do less overwriting and silly mistakes because it gives us enough writing practice.

We get clarity on subject because we get fully summarised crux story.

Because of notes making it is possible to revise subject multiple time.

We can categorise topics with ABC analysis as which topic is to be given more focus and weightage.

Less material for last time study because we are already writing all important aspects in notes.

It prepares us for the last day exam study. Many Students get so nervous before exam because they have vast material in hand to revise and they have not prepared smart notes.

Notes making help you in smart study and also let you excel the subject matter.

Notes techniques only will help you in achieving rank. Even there are students in CA field where they are getting 90 plus marks in theory subjects. For that you can check the presentation level of toppers answer sheet from click here. Students are scoring even 95 marks in audit and it is all possible with the smartest way of notes making and putting quality content in your answer writing. So make it a habit from today itself.

It is specially for all CA CS CMA students to score well in theory subjects as well as in practicals.

So after benefits discussion lets learn the techniques of notes making.

For Notes Making techniques Watch this video as below till the end

Effective Study Notes
Click here to learn effective study notes making

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